The reasons to start using sustainable transport packaging

Your main concern is to get your goods delivered safely and fast to all your customers.

You check the best freight company, the best offer, if everything is well packed – but have you ever stopped to think how much this way of packaging is costing you? How much you could save and what you could achieve if you changed to sustainable transport packaging?

We listed in this post a few reasons why you should pay more attention to your transport packaging and consequently why sustainable laminated carton board packaging materials are the best choice for your business.

#1 - Packaging cost

There are many variables to be considered if you are trying to get a price comparison between traditional and carton packaging, alone.

The cost of the pallet/package can be affected by its whole cycle (purchase, load, move, ship, unload and dispose of), where every stage will come up with a cost. To understand this better and why you should start using sustainable packaging, let’s keep reading.

#2 - Freight cost – how much does your packaging weigh?

If you compare 2 pallets, a traditional and a carton pallet, with the same size e.g. euro size: you will realize that the carton pallet is much lighter (4 kg) compared to the traditional alternative with 24 kg. Yet it doesn’t mean that the loading capacity of the paper pallet is lower – on the contrary! In a static compression test, a normal-size pallet with Eltete PallRuns® could take a load of 10 tonnes.  

Plus, when you sum a total load of your goods and the weight of the carton pallet, your freight cost can be reduced, making the end price of your goods more competitive.

So, why pay for extra weight?

A heavy-duty pallet doesn’t need to be heavy!

The more weight you ship, the more freight, more fuel you pay.

Lighter weight = less freight and fuel cost
carton 16%
traditional 100%

#3 - Recyclability - can be easily disposed

Eltete transport pallet and packaging solutions are easier to be disposed of because they are 100% made out of paper – no nails or staples. The recyclable products can be recycled up to 5 times and the material can be reused to make new products. You will be part of a sustainable circle.

When its circle ends, your recyclable packaging will turn into revenue instead of ending up in a landfill polluting the environment as happens to traditional pallets.


*In Europe, a paper packaging recycling rate of 85% is already achieved today and the paper value chain continues to improve. Source:

#4 - Labor safety

Carton pallets and packaging are a safer option due to their lightweight and for being a single-material. Wooden pallets are carried with splinters, nails, staples, and punctures from these hazards will result in goods contaminated, loss, and other damages.

The lack of these hazards will protect your product and also reduce the worker’s compensation caused by hand and back injuries.

#5 - Accepted everywhere in the world

A sustainable carton packaging doesn’t need any type of treatment. They are ISPM-15 compliant, which means they are accepted everywhere in the world. Carton pallets have no risk to carry bugs or disease to other continents. Yes! One less thing for you to worry about. If inspection finds one single pallet without the treatment stamp, they don’t put only that pallet in quarantine, all your pallets (with your goods) will be put in quarantine, or they fumigate the entire package charging the shipper a high rate – or they simply deny the package if it doesn’t meet the requirements.

With carton packaging, no extra high rate. 

full recyclable automotive packaging for transport

#6 - Less CO2 footprint emissions

Lightweight pallets and packaging material can weigh up to 80% LESS than other materials. They can greatly reduce not only your shipping cost but the cost that it causes on the planet. If your shipment weighs less, it needs less fuel combustion to go from local X to local Y, and less fuel combustion, when billions of heavy pallets are moved every year, means a significant reduction of CO2 emissions impact on our planet. The mathematics is simple:

heavy pallet = more weight

more weight = more fuel

more fuel = more carbon.

So, the lighter your pallet, the less carbon emission in our atmosphere. 😊

less co2 emissions with sustainable transport packaging
Illustration @Andy Carter

...let’s take for example the automotive industry.

It is not surprising that auto parts, spare parts represent one of the most shipped goods by cargo shipping both in weight and value. Even if many car brands are European, still many components are manufactured in Asian countries and are then shipped to Europe for assembly. As you know these parts are mostly heavy,  so how much would be the savings if you make the change? How much would it be to reduce the cost on our planet?

You can probably imagine, but you have no idea how to start or you are suspicious of the words “carton” “paper” for sounding perhaps “fragile”; but hey, you couldn’t be more wrong. 

Hard to estimate? We can help you with that!

The sustainable transport packaging today

Decades ago it wasn’t something to bring to the table, or considered a priority. Nowadays with transportation and warehousing costs continuously rising, also with pressure on environmental matters from all nations, companies, and industries from different sectors have as their sustainability strategy reduce and use lightweight packaging materials, by replacing traditional ones for sustainable transport packaging solutions.

Design versatility, consumer appeal, renewable raw materials, safe, lightweight, strength, accepted everywhere, ease of recycling.


What are you waiting for? Be part of the change.

Start using sustainable transport packaging today!

difference between carton and wood packaging

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