The new age of packaging!

In our previous article, we mentioned that D-Board and D-Board Light, used for any sector of Visual Communication, are being used for replacing traditional materials like plastic and non-recyclable materials, remember? If you don’t remember the reason please read here .

Now, what about the packaging industry? What about the packaging you are producing, using?
More and more the concept of being a green company has been gaining space in the business world.

Was about time!

Regardless of the field of activity of the company, whether they be consumer goods, food, automobile, etc, they applying the concept of reduce-replace-recycle, and are concerned with all disposal during the production processes, such as the use of Sustainable Packaging.

Sustainable Developement

Help the Environment will not hurt your business!

Definitely it will not. On the contrary!

The benefits of a transition from any unsustainable traditional transport packaging material (plastic, metal, Styrofoam) to an environmentally friendly packaging, go beyond your own company. This is because, by opting for recyclable products, you will help an entire local economy, which will benefit from this opportunity. From the collection of materials to companies that will process the recycling, to the customer that will feel confident of being part of a cause; everyone wins.

Whether it’s brand image or increased sales, your business only has to win!

Investing in the development of production of green packaging is certainly a great business. In addition to reducing costs, optimizing production and improving your brand image, you are working to reduce environmental impact.
You may be a little suspicious, wondering, “but howwwwwww?! Let’s talk more about it later otherwise this article will get too long and we want you to come back!

You will get the attention and confidence of the costumers, collaborate with the environment and also with the society.

Sustainable Developement Enviroment Social Economic 3 circles

Packaging matters.

When the brand is not associated to sustainability and environment, the costumer – already aware of its importance – will deny buying your products and even spread the word about your lack of care on the matter.

For the customer, for the consumer, it is not only how wonderful the product is, or how much does the product cost, the packaging matters; not only with regard to its practicality to be handled but how it will be disposed, where they will end up.

Carton board. The main alternative for the traditional.

Nowadays the main alternative to replace the traditional, it is carton board. But I guess you knew that!

Its advantage is precisely its sustainability. I guess you also knew that.

Replace for carton won’t harm your business. Now you know that.

The Box with 3R

So, if you are aware of all these advantages,
how about you start investing in eco-friendly packaging?

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