The importance of transport packaging today

Are you choosing the (right) transport packaging?

In order for the transport to be of quality and meet the expectations of the company, some details must be observed. Among them, the choice of transport packaging deserves special attention.

Some logistics managers, concerned with meeting the delivery deadline and inventory management, end up neglecting the packaging of their goods, an aspect as relevant as the others for the success of the sector.


The results of this neglection are:

  • product loss due to packaging break
  • contamination by toxic materials in the packaging
  • damages to the goods due to the movement during transport
  • excessive CO2 emissions due to heavy-weight packaging
  • traditional material such as EPS, plastic or wood, dumped in a landfill

…and you still have to pay a high freight cost.

carton board vs wood vs eps packaging
The degradation of EPS, wood and plastic wastes in the landfill results in the production of leachate and gases. These emissions are potentials threats to human health and to the quality of the environment. Our solutions are made out of Carton board and is 100% recyclable

All Eltete solutions are 100% recyclable and can be easily collected and sent to a mill for recycling into cartonboard or other paper products.

What makes a good transport packaging?

As the logistics is formed by several stages, a good transport packaging must be able to protect and support these stages with quality and efficiency (otherwise the company will have losses due to the loss of shipment), prevent waste and contribute to the sustainability of the planet.


A good packaging needs to play the following roles:

  • protect the goods of all shapes, in different situations regardless the route
  • ease the transport and handling
  • contribute to the sustainability
  • be cost-effective

For over 40 years Eltete has been producing transport packaging solutions that meet all these requirements and that is why they are well-known in the packaging world due to their strength and high quality. Customizable, lightweight, strong, 100% recyclable, Eltete solutions are suitable to be used across all logistics stages, always taking into consideration environmental issues.

Raw materials produce high quality carton based packaging
Our solutions raw materials contains a long fibre structure and a special production method, keys to an extraordinary product with unbeatable strength values
Vertical, strapping and edge protection, stacking strength, cushioning – these are some examples of how our biodegradable transport packaging solutions will protect your goods, ensuring that your shipment, regardless shape, conditions or route, are fully protected till it reaches its final destination. 

Looking for a sustainable change? Ask us!

Implement sustainable transport packaging in the logistics activities is a fundamental part of the success of the sector and cargo transportation. A responsible company is certainly one step ahead of the competition, as it has already seen how much it improves  both, the quality of its shipments and customer satisfaction.

If you are not using biodegradable transport packaging yet, our experts are looking forward to helping you find the best biodegradable transport packaging solution for your needs. Be part of a sustainable change!

Biodegradable transport packaging solutions


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