Save space – Even every fifth container for free!

With SLIP SHEET! …but What is it? Why Slip Sheet? How use it?

Slip Sheet is a 1 mm pallet solution (yes, you read correctly – 1 mm) and a 100% recyclable hygienic transfer sheet to replace traditional pallets. Not only is this option good for your company’s bottom line, but environmental thinking will also be good for your corporate image! Let’s see what, why and how use Slip Sheet!

Slip Sheet palletless solution

In order to tell you all the reasons why you should start using Slip Sheets, I would need to write a veeeeeeeery long blog, instead, below you find a resume and also a case study. Later on, we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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CASE STUDY: Palletless handling for export

One of our customers is packing goods (electronic equipments) in small boxes. They wanted to try palletless handling instead of using wooden pallets to be able to load more goods per container.

Before Slip Sheets, they were using 3,000 wooden pallets per year which they shipped in 52 containers. After incorporating Slip Sheet, they were able to load more and needed only 44 containers per year.

As a result, our customer got substantial direct savings on materials (83%) and transportation (15%), which covered the cost of 2 Push-Pull devices in the 3rd quarter of the year.
​On yearly basis, savings with Slip Sheets will be huge!

Containers 52 and 44

​Pretty awesome, right?

Our customer has been very satisfied with this system, which has also produced several other benefits for the company. Forgot? So let’s go back to the table above! Now, imagine a company with more pallets!

Savings for different industries

Most products can be adapted to Slip Sheets and almost any type of industry that is using pallets can start using transfer sheets. With the rapid changes on the world market – especially since the implementation of ISPM15 regulations – the demand for Slip Sheets has increased significantly worldwide. As Slip Sheets do not require treatment like wood, they are very suitable for exports. ​We can provide you with different thickness and strengths according to your needs

SS Vs Pallet

​Minimum space is required for storage of the sheets, thus reducing warehousing costs.
​Material, weight and volume reduction are the keys to huge savings, which can be 80% or even more when compared to traditional pallets.

HOW? Easy handling, loading and unloading

The Slip Sheet has 1, 2 or more channelings that can be handled using devices such as “Push-Pull” or “Rollerforks” or even “Rollerforks with Push-pull”. In less than a minute, you can attach a Push-Pull attachment to your standard forklift, or you have an option to use Rollerforks, which work without hydraulic systems.

It needs to be at both ends; sender and receiver.
Don’t worry. The return of the investment is very fast due to huge savings in material/transport cost.

Push and Pull




3R Lime

Do you want to know more?
​Do you want us to calculate how much you can save with Slip sheets?

Contact us now and we will help you!

​​Thanks to our global know-how and partnership, a better service can be provided both globally and locally!
We have an international team for a world-wide solution.

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