How to choose the best cardboard pallets

When considering the use of paper pallets, whether they are manufactured using cardboard, corrugated, or pulp molding materials, recyclability is essential for reducing environmental impact.

However, ensuring the pallet maintains good quality and strength is equally important to reduce the risk of damage to the products and minimize losses during transportation.

Damaged goods trigger a series of events that pose challenges for a sustainable supply chain because once goods are lost or damaged in handling or transportation, there is likely to be a need to produce more goods, replace pallets, and transport the goods back to the manufacturer and, once again, to the customer.

All this disruption in the supply chain causes higher carbon emissions, spoiling your efforts to collaborate with environmental preservation.

To reduce the risk of damage to the goods and maintain a sustainable supply chain, companies need consider the following approaches when choosing the cardboard pallet:

1) Invest in Quality

Choose high-quality cardboard pallets that are designed to withstand the rigors of transportation and handling.

The base of the pallet, honeycomb board, has a hexagonal inner cellular structure that provides exceptional compression strength and rigidity. The pallet feet, PallRuns®, has been the strongest pallet foot in the market for over 20 years.

Eltete cardboard components - Honeycomb and Pallrun

2) ISO, Testing and Standards

Check that the pallets have been tested for quality and strength.

Leading independent laboratories have tested Eltete’s cardboard pallets in different conditions and the results show up to 10 000 kgs of static compression strength on a 4-way pallet without failure.

Testing Eltete cardboard pallet 4-way

3) Choose versatile solution

Opt for pallet materials that can be adjusted according to needs.

💡We can supply you with the carton pallet components, Honeycomb board, and PallRuns® (pallet feet) for local assembly, minimizing the logistical and warehousing costs.

Eltete PallRun pallet feet production

4) Promote Reduce, Replace, Recycle

Encourage the use of materials that can be easily reused and recycled.

By reducing the packaging materials, replacing unsustainable materials, and recycling with ease the materials, we are promoting significant reduction of carbon emissions.

Preserve the environment using 100% recyclable transport packaging material

5) Prioritize Sustainably Designed Pallets

Approach to pallets designed to balance human needs, environmental stewardship, and economic viability.

6) Suppliers

Work closely with suppliers to assure the quality of what you need.

Why do Eltete's cardboard pallets work?

In short, it works because it balances recyclability with strength. Its high quality allows it to be ideal for transporting light or heavy goods, making it an excellent alternative to heavy pallets such as wood, or light but unsustainable pallets such as plastic, and fragile pallets such as other paper-based pallets that don’t have the same engineering and sustainable design.

Eltete cardboard pallet is the ultimate sustainable alternative to help you reduce your overall costs and carbon emissions.

10 000 kg

of static compression strength

80 %

lighter than traditional pallets

96 %

lower CO2 than traditional pallets

By making informed decisions about pallet materials and focusing on recyclability, durability, and reliability, companies can contribute to a more sustainable supply chain while minimizing waste, resource consumption, and costs.

Eltete TPM-Product circle-reduce replace recycle

Contact us! Our team will discuss your needs, introduce you to the sustainable pallet solution and provide you with a CO2 calculation based on your case.

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Eltete TPM-Product circle-reduce replace recycle
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