Slip Sheets (also known as transfer sheets, divider sheets, tear sheets) are made of wet-strengthened high-quality kraftliner.

Slip sheets

Slip Sheets (also known as Push Pull pallets, flat pallet systems, transfer sheets or 1 mm pallets) are made of wet-strengthened high quality kraftliner.

Slip Sheets can be used to replace traditional pallets. The multilaminated material with its special production method makes them extremely tear- and moisture-resistant.

This transport and storage system is an excellent alternative for overseas shipments and intra-corporate deliveries. Slip Sheets are used by many different businesses for a wide range of products.

Transfer sheets for palletless handling

Eltete Slip Sheets are made from multiple plies of strong kraftliner board. They can replace heavy, bulky and expensive plastic or wooden pallets.

With Slip Sheets, you will have 100% recyclable and hygienic transfer sheets for different conditions. Not only is this option good for your company’s bottom line, but environmental thinking will also be good for your corporate image! …and more:

  • Reduces the cost of materials, freight, labour, repair, storage and disposal.
  • Environmentally-friendly, ISPM-15 compliant, hygienic and 100% recyclable.
  • Compatible with standard forklifts fitted with Push-Pull attachments, RollerForks and modern conveyor systems.
  • Ideal for both domestic and international shippers.
  • Savings in material costs can be 80% or even more when compared to wooden pallets.
  • Minimum space is required for storage of the sheets, thus reducing warehousing costs.

Standard, anti-slip and PE coated qualities available


…in material cost up to 80%
…in transport cost up to 15%

  • User-friendly handling
  • Easy recycling
  • Minimum space needed for the storage

Type of Slip Sheets

  • Slip sheets– A heavy duty pallet solution designed to work with a Push Pull attachment allowing handling by pushing and pulling the loads successfully. High quality kraftliner laminated with special production method giving extra strength even in humid conditions.


  • Antislip Slip Sheets – Special coating avoids pallets and objects from falling or slipping.


  • Slip Sheet with PE coating – PE coating acts as a barrier and gives extra humidity resistance.

Eltete Slip sheet - palletless handling
Slip sheet as divider sheet between cardboxes in a wooden pallet
Antislip slip sheets and Divider sheet with goods in a inclined pallet

Our laminated kraftliner can also be used as pallet, tier or divider sheets.

Case study: 

Palletless handling for export

The customer had a high freight cost in overseas shipments.

One of our customers is packing goods (electronic equipments) in small boxes. They wanted to try palletless handling instead of using wooden pallets to be able to load more goods per container.

Before Slip Sheets, they were using 3,000 wooden pallets per year which they shipped in 52 containers. After incorporating Slip Sheet, they were able to load more and needed only 44 containers per year.

Applications in different industries

Most products can be adapted to Slip Sheets and almost any type of industry that is using pallets can start using transfer sheets. With the rapid changes on the world market – especially since the implementation of ISPM15 regulations – the demand for Slip Sheets has increased significantly worldwide. As Slip Sheets do not require treatment like wood, they are very suitable for exports. We can provide you with different thickness and strengths according to your needs.


Consumer eletronics industry


Beverage industry


Consumer goods industry


Hygiene products industry

Easy handling, loading and unloading

For easy loading and unloading of Slip Sheets, you have different options for hydraulic and non-hydraulic attachments. In less than a minute, you can attach a Push-Pull attachment to your standard forklift, or you have an option to use RollerForks, which work without hydraulic systems. In the videos, you will see the basics of Slip Sheets handling.

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