Automotive industry

We are supplying the best-known premium car producers and many automotive suppliers. Spare parts are often exported and shipped long distances by air or by sea container. For this purpose, our carton pallet solutions are the most suitable as they need no treatments like wooden pallets in overseas shipments. With our solutions, packaging material can be reduced to minimum. This and lightweight, can significantly reduce warehousing and shipping costs, especially when airfreight is concerned. The trend in this sector is to move from wood to carton board packaging.

Motors are heavy, for this our customers have used our “Heavy Duty”-solutions:

  1. ScanStar awarded “The Box”-solution is one of them. It is single-material, totally free of splinters or nails and needs no tools to be built. One of our customers reduced their overall cost even 31% and claims went down by 51%.
  2. Another solution has been to combine extra strong Packaging Profiles to strengthen the corrugated box corners. With stronger raw material and especially for this purpose developed glue, we have achieved amazing stacking strength for the most demanding conditions and requirements.
  3. Last but not least, with Eltete FramePack® our customers have been able to reduce material and transport volume significantly, yet not having to compromise with strength and security parameters.

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