Eltete TPM, Product training and the Customers

Each semester Eltete organizes a tour of the factory where the team goes through the basic principles and features of our sustainable transport packaging materials and solutions, as well as presenting the changes that our product development has achieved on specific products over time.

Eltete TPM - Entering the factory for product training

As we are constantly developing and improving our sustainable products and solutions to follow the constant changes and demands in the market and the needs of our customers, it is essential that the team is aware of these changes to provide adequate service to our valued customers and partners worldwide.

Eltete TPM - Product training day
Eltete TPM team visiting the warehouse

We understand that training is needed not only for new employees but also for the ones who have been longer in the company, as a small difference in a product feature can have a big impact on how the product is used, and consequently on the result.

When employees are fully educated about the company and products, they feel part of the team, and more confident, which reflects in the service, effectiveness, and well-being in their work environment.

Eltete TPM - Team having product training
Eltete product training

We aim to always deliver sustainable transport packaging materials and solutions of high quality and great customer service.

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