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Given the situation in the world at the moment with Covid-19, we are once again reminded of the importance of working together and thinking of the big picture. One of the most important strengths of Eltete Group is that our production sites and sales networks are situated around the world. This enables our operations to continue despite different restrictions in different countries.

Eltete and Packprofil

The unite is strength. Over 140 years of experience in Carton packaging solutions

To emphasise group integrity and show the world that we are a strong, united group, we are revamping our profile in Europe by bringing the name of one of our most important subsidiaries into our brand. Packprofil, a renowned carton factory in Poland with over 100 years of experience in carton board production, has been a part of Eltete Group since 1991.

Together with Packprofil and our other subsidiaries, we have another hundred years of experience of producing carton board and carton-based transport packaging solutions.

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