Eltete Group celebrates 50 years of innovation and success

A Vision for the future made Eltete a supplier to multinational companies

Eltete Group, a manufacturer of cardboard-based transport packaging products, building materials, and high-pressure laminate products based in Loviisa, Finland, proudly celebrates its 50-year milestone.

The significant journey of the company began in 1972 when the Österman family moved from Karhula to Loviisa. At that time, Pehr Österman, a visionary and innovative entrepreneur, founded Oy Spirolit Ab in Loviisa. Over the years, Eltete Group, born from that, has evolved into a global player in its industry, promoting sustainable development and supplying high-quality products to customers worldwide.

The early years of Eltete were marked by pioneering achievements in the production of cardboard cores. In 1974, the company started laminate production, manufacturing high-pressure laminate (HPL) using impregnated paper, fine paper, and surface film. This development led to the production of partition walls, tabletops, window sills, hospital and laboratory furniture, and similar products.

In 1980, Oy Spirolit Ab was sold to Enso Gutzeit (later Stora Enso – Corenso, and with subsequent transactions, currently Corex Finland Oy). Around the same time, edgeboard production using hot lamination technology began, utilizing Tetra Pak liquid board. This type of operation and technology has since been sold to several international fronts through technology transfer agreements.

Over the years, Eltete’s visionary leadership and commitment to product development have led to significant milestones and international expansion. Bo Österman, owner and CEO of Eltete TPM Group, continued the operations in 1986 at Eltete Oy, which manufactures transport packaging solutions and building materials, and Loviisan Tasotehdas Oy, which produces high-pressure laminate products. By 1989, Eltete’s operations had become increasingly global, with subsidiaries in Germany and the Netherlands and a growing international customer base. In 1989-1991, an associated company was also established in Poland, during which time Bo Österman resided in Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In 1999, Eltete TPM Ltd (Transport Packaging Materials) was founded to focus on specific operations. The industry grew rapidly, with promising prospects in all markets. In the 2000s, the company expanded further by entering new markets in China, Japan, and Asia. The company’s dedication to international growth led to a solid export network, including Europe, India, China, Japan, Singapore, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, the USA, and South America. Multiple subsidiaries with their own production facilities were established between 2000 and 2005, located across the globe.

Significant investments were made in 2017-2018 in the laminating production of cardboard slip sheets and special building materials in Tesjoki, Finland. Around the same time, Eltete successfully acquired a partial ownership stake in Polish company Packprofil, obtaining 100% of the company’s shares, which was a prerequisite for integrating its operations into Eltete Group and ensuring proper supervision and development.

As a result, Eltete’s factories in Spain and France were sold in 2018. Today, Packprofil is the world’s largest edgeboard manufacturer, and its operations have expanded to include multiple product lines. The Polish factory is strategically important for Eltete, being close to European customers and key markets. With the Polish factory, Eltete Group became partially self-sufficient in cardboard production and continues the over 120-year-old tradition of Packprofil.

In 2017, the Eltete Group faced a significant challenge, which led the parent companies, Eltete Ltd and Eltete TPM Ltd, to seek reorganization. As a result, the company strongly focused on its core business. The restructuring, consolidation, and recovery measures were successful, as Eltete achieved positive result already in 2020.

The company’s resilience was tested again during the COVID-19 pandemic, and once again, Eltete Group managed to overcome challenges and successfully maintain its business volume. Following the Russian attack on Ukraine, Eltete’s production facility in St. Petersburg was sold in 2022.

The company looks towards a bright future where Eltete Group remains committed to its core values of innovation, sustainable development, quality, and customer satisfaction. The company firmly believes in its products and services and trusts its ability to continue delivering unique solutions to its global customer base.

Now, as we celebrate Eltete Group’s 50-year journey, we are extremely proud. This milestone is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of our team, as well as the unwavering support of our esteemed customers,” says Bo Österman. “As we embark on the next chapter, we remain committed to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and providing sustainable solutions that meet our customers’ evolving needs. 50 years ago, the significance of sustainable development was not fully understood, although we were already on that path at a very early stage. But the new generations are fully behind it. My son Anton, who works as a sales manager at Eltete, represents the younger generation and has already grasped the importance of climate change. Therefore, offering low-emission materials to our customers is meaningful work, and the reception is always positive.”

Today, Eltete supplies its products to renowned car manufacturers, major steel, food, and consumer goods companies, large construction contractors, hardware stores, as well as the furniture and other industrial sectors, which are familiar in our everyday lives. Customers include BMW, VW, Volvo, Arcelor-Mittal, Nestle, Unilever, and a furniture giant that delivers online orders to consumers using Eltete’s cardboard pallets.

By investing in a carbon footprint calculator, Eltete has gained a competitive advantage over other players.

Recently, Eltete invested in and developed a carbon footprint calculator in collaboration with a domestic company. This tool allows them to calculate the emissions of their products in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent. This has given the company a competitive edge in the market, where few can provide this information to their customers. An increasing number of responsible companies are seeking products that help them achieve their sustainability and environmental goals. The carbon footprint of their purchases is monitored, compared, and reported annually. By knowing the carbon emissions levels of their products, the company can assess risks and take necessary measures to manage them by choosing low-emission alternatives. Eltete’s cardboard-based products have a small carbon footprint, which has significantly increased their demand in recent years. The introduction of new climate regulations and emission restrictions will further accelerate this development.

50 trees were planted in Eltete's hometown on this year's housing fair area

In honor of Eltete’s 50th anniversary, 50 trees were planted on this year’s housing fair area.

Loviisa, Finland will be filled with international guests at the end of June as Eltete’s employees and partners from different countries gather to celebrate this significant milestone.

Information about Eltete Group:

Eltete Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of recyclable transport packaging solutions, as well as a manufacturer of construction materials and high-pressure laminate products in Finland and Scandinavia. With a rich 50-year history, the company has established itself as a pioneer in the industry guided by the 3R innovation (Reduce, Replace, Recycle), sustainable development, quality, and customer satisfaction. Eltete Group’s commitment to excellence and positive environmental impact, helping companies reduce their carbon footprint, has enabled its strong international presence and provision of solutions to customers worldwide. The company has 682 employees, a turnover of 71 million euros, a profit of 9.2 million euros, and processes approximately 100,000 tons of cardboard annually.


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